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Nothing beats exploring new places from the seat of a bicycle. But when health issues made it difficult for my wife to bike, we thought our bike touring days were over. Then we discovered e-bikes. They’ve been a total game changer, opening the door to active travel opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be feasible.

Bike to Work Week: E-bikes changing commuting options

But the 21-year-old grandson of Cap Hobbis, who started the family’s bike business in 1932 with a shop in New Westminster, feels no shame in throwing his leg over an electric-assist bicycle to ride to his job at his dad’s bike shop in Port Moody.

UPS gears up for heavy-duty eBike delivery test in Seattle

(Reuters) - United Parcel Service Inc on Thursday will unveil an urban delivery test in Seattle that uses electric bicycles geared to carry packages in large preloaded boxes to save time and cut pollution, the company said.


The health benefits of e-bikes should kill the idea that riding them is ‘cheating’

Ever since electric bikes were introduced and started gaining popularity, there has been an ongoing argument among traditional bicycle riders and those who prefer electric bikes about whether riding a motorized bicycle counts as an exercise and has health benefits as a traditional bike.