It's Not Too Late to be an EBike Early Adopter

Be a trendsetter while secretly benefiting from loads of social proof

Now is prime time to add an electric bike to your life. Well established overseas, ebikes are gaining traction throughout the United States. For many reasons, ebikes are hitting their stride in the U.S., yet you may still be the first of your friends to own one.  Zip around your community like a rock star fielding questions about your cool new ride. You are part of a rising tide, not a passing fad.

An informed consumer, you know that electric bicycles are here to stay. Powerful feats of design and engineering, ebikes today are free of earlier generation bugs. Buy with assurance of the tried-and-true.

 “No,” you will explain to curious friends, “It is not a motorbike. I don’t need a special license or insurance to operate it. It’s an electric bicycle equipped with pedal assist. I pedal and automatically get a boost. It feels like I’ve got a superpower,” you’ll say. “It’s great for going uphill with no sweat or strain.”

Manufacturers working tirelessly to distinguish themselves in this emerging marketplace is great news for early adopters like you. A vast spectrum of innovative features and designs greet shoppers today. Like other items newly woven into the American fabric, one size does not fit all. In fact, your search may yield hundreds of ebike styles, models and brands to choose from.

As the electric bicycle market evolves, you’ll find that product aesthetics also improve. Another reason to enjoy rolling an ebike into your home now is because of their eye-catching designs. Foldable models perfect for stowing in your car trunk or carrying up an elevator are popular. No longer do all models share a similar, sometimes bulky, look. Battery placement is now more integrated and frames more stylish.  

Buying an ebike today means you are not on your own. Like friendly tour guides through the electric bicycle landscape, legions of reviewers stand ready to assist you in making the right choice. Not only can early adopters like you learn from customer reviews of earlier adopters, you can also gain insight from professional reviewers. Watch videos while ebikes are unboxed, assembled, inspected, demonstrated and compared feature-by-feature. Read commentary and analysis by objective industry experts. Check out dozens of detailed category recommendations and lists.              

Like anything in a consumer-driven economy, competition elevates product quality industry-wide and ultimately lowers costs for all. Still an investment, technology improvements and manufacturing efficiencies are driving down prices. Some premium electric bicycles are becoming more affordable.       

The future of last mile transportation is electric. A car alternative, your ebike is a zero emission choice for errands, commuting, recreation and exercise. Many downtown dwellers choose an ebike to avoid traffic and parking hassles. Carried aboard RVs or boats, ebikes are zippy destination transportation.  

Now is a great time to own an ebike. Join a growing community of ebike enthusiasts combining fun with an eco-friendly lifestyle. An estimated 40% of personal vehicle travel by Americans is two miles or less. Consider swapping your car for your ebike on occasion and you may find yourself inspiring others, starting your own trend.