Behold: The Great Equalizer

“Did you forget your bike?” asked my friend Joe. He looked rightfully puzzled; after all, we were meeting for a ride. He had just finished lowering his bicycle from its rack on the back of his SUV.

“Just a sec. you’ll see,” I said.

I popped the trunk and pulled out the foldable e-bike. Setting it on the ground and quickly clicking it together, I closed the trunk, locked my compact car and said, “All set? Let’s go.”

Starting from the base of a slight incline, I waited as Joe got his momentum up and pushed ahead slightly, setting the pace. As I drew even with him, he glanced over, surprised. 

“I thought you said you hadn’t been on a bike ride in a while. I figured we would just take it slow today for you to get used to it again.”

It’s true. I hadn’t been bike riding in years. Not only is my leg strength not what it used to be, I felt intimidated by the intensely fit cyclists I would see from time to time. Not for me, I thought.

Then I read about the growing popularity of pedal-assist e-bikes. Perfect for people of any fitness level, a small battery-powered, electric motor boosts each pedal push. Simple pedaling sends you farther and faster. “You feel like a super hero,” some said.

I had to get one! After careful consideration of my use for recreation and my small car, I chose my foldable e-bike from

Thrilled to be a bike rider again, I said to Joe “Go as fast as you want; I’ll be right beside you!”