Green looks good on you

I know you!

You sort and recycle, buying smart in the first place. Never would you put a plastic, cardboard or aluminum item in the trash.

No more plastic straws either – no way will you be part of the rampant single-use plastics problem. You’re all about sustainable living.

You often buy local and have a garden, eating more plant-based foods.

Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.

Composting is part of your routine.

I’ve seen you, walking into the grocery store with your cloth bags.

Bills and bank statements? Digital.

A coastal or roadside clean-up? You’re in!

You’re awesome! You care about your world and your impact on it. You avoid adding to an increasingly disposable society.

Is it time to add errands by e-bike to your sustainable lifestyle? Consider leaving roads and parking behind. Instead, grab your electric pedal-assist alternative vehicle and zip on over, door-to-door.

Not only will that gentle pedal boost make you smile, taking you farther, faster and sweat-free, you will replace gas emissions with quiet, zero emission electric transportation.

Electric bikes are so fun that many owners find so many excuses to ride that it adds up to improved health and fitness.

E bikes and electric last-mile transportation are part of a cleaner future.

I know you care about that.