Seven ways an e-bike helps you feel younger as you get older

It happens to most of us; energy and stamina slide as years rise.

Motivation to go gets nudged out by the urge to stay. Maybe it’s because of bad knees, arthritis or other physical concern.

As we age we may regard changes in agility, balance and strength as showstoppers, concerned that our aging bodies are fragile. We somehow believe that fitness is for the already fit.

Far from true, an active lifestyle mitigates much tied to aging. Mobility increases agility. Like a snowball, positive effects like heart and brain health grow. The chance of developing chronic conditions and some diseases is left behind. Happiness and vitality follow.

7 ways e-bike riding seems to back-pedal aging:

  1. The sensation of gliding farther and faster with each pedal press unleashes your widest smile – maybe even a giggle. You can’t help it!
  2. Going uphill is as easy as downhill. No exertion is required with pedal assist or throttle power boosts.
  3. Join rides with other cyclists. As an equalizer, your e-bike allows you to match anyone’s pace.
  4. Step-through, cruiser style e-bikes make for simple boarding and riding with a comfortable, upright posture.
  5. Electric bikes can be ridden normally, increasing endurance. With battery power, you have the freedom to choose assistance, allowing you to ride longer distances without tiring.
  6. Rediscover your sense of adventure by exploring routes unreachable by car. Visit parks, trails and shortcuts previously unknown to you. Breathe air, not air conditioning.
  7. Riding your e-bike around the neighborhood is an easy, fun way to gain confidence and build fitness. You might make new friends as people approach to chat about your impressive wheels. 

Expand your horizons beyond routines and roadways with an e-bike. Countless studies have shown that boosting exercise helps us have healthier, stronger and happier lives. Why not reverse the clock and recapture youthful joy while we’re at it?