Why Fat is Totally Fabulous

What’s all the fuss about fat tire ebikes?  Once trendy and far from common, bicycles with big tires initially appeared as alien beings. Mainly dwellers of snow-covered or dirt trails, wide textured tires are now mainstream. Why?

Characterized by oversized tires with large tread, these bikes are built to navigate uneven terrain. Their typically low tire pressure also helps absorb roughness. This is sometimes referred to as floatation; wide and cushier, the larger tires can make for a smoother ride.

Some of the reasons fat tire ebikes are so popular off-road also appeal to everyday cyclists. Nubby tread yields enhanced traction on varied surfaces. Wider ground contact makes for a stable ride. Go from paved to unpaved trails and back again.

Lower tire pressure is a hallmark of fat tire ebikes. With lower inflation, there’s reduced need for extensive suspension systems and the tires are less apt to puncture.

Stability is a popular benefit of riding on fat tires. Evening out bumpiness, rolling from street to gravel to sand to snow and back affords all-around utility.

Thanks to their popularity for functionality, comfort and stability, fat tires are found on different ebike frame styles. Enjoy going fat with cruisers, folding e-bikes and full-suspension mountain bikes.

Each style affords its own upsides; folding for portability, cruisers for upright seated position and all-terrain fat tire ebikes perfect for penetrating remote areas unreachable by car.

Thin may be in for speed but, in many ways, fat is fabulous!