I love my e-bike lifestyle! Join the fun with this popular, eco-friendly transportation alternative and leave your car at home.

The Future Cycle welcomes you with a great selection of e-bikes and scooters.  We are authorized dealers for some of the most popular e-bike manufacturers. Here, you can browse a range of premium-featured, affordable electric bicycles. You're sure to find the one perfect for you. Buy with confidence and quickly get onboard this sustainable revolution. 

Why e-bikes?

E-bikes make life better, plain and simple! Quiet and clean, they're the zero-emission car alternative for errands, commuting and adventuring. Go foldable, sleek, beachy vintage or fat tire, trail-tackling beasts. We have the perfect e-bike for you. Shop now.

Why an e-bike for you?

Eco-Friendly and Sweat-Free

Maybe you want to be eco-friendly, saving the planet for the future. Or maybe you love the idea of zooming up and down hills, still arriving-fresh and sweat free.

Join Other Riders

Are you a non-athlete? Get re-awakened to fitness and fun newly attainable. As an equalizer, people of different abilities match pace and ride together. 

Last Mile Smile

Boaters and RVers love their e-bikes for agile last mile transport. Beach goers, resort guests and others are thrilled with the quiet, powerful glide allowing wind-in-your-hair tours of places unreachable by car. Above all though, feel the joy you e-bike brings; you won't be able to resist the spreading smile - even if only on the inside - from that wonderful boost. 

E-Bikes make the world a better place

Here at The Future Cycle, we believe e-bikes make the world a better place. We think that, with e-bikes replacing some cars, we’ll help the environment. That’s why we bring a selection of e-bikes and scooters to you. Whether for leisure, commuting or utility, e-bikes are a lifestyle solution that should be accessible to everyone, for our future. 

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