About Us

Now is a great time to own an e-bike. The Future Cycle is here to make it simple. Buy with confidence and quickly get onboard this sustainable revolution. Choose your new e-bike from one of our collections and have it shipped direct to your home. At The Future Cycle, we love to help our planet by presenting this curated line of high quality electric bicycles. 

E-bikes are super fun and improve life, plain and simple. Quiet and clean, they can be zero-emission car alternatives for errands, commuting and adventuring. Whether foldable, sleek, beachy vintage or trail-tackling beasts, we have the perfect e-bike for you. Want to do-it-yourself? Buy our conversion kit.

Why e-bikes?

For many, it’s about the eco-friendly, arriving-fresh-and -sweat-free commute. Non-athletes are re-awakened to fitness and fun newly attainable. As an equalizer, people of different abilities match pace and ride together. Hopping on to cruise around the community, avoiding traffic and parking hassles holds appeal to others.

Boaters and RVers love e-bikes for agile last mile transport. Beach goers, resort guests and others are thrilled with the quiet, powerful glide allowing wind-in-your-hair tours of places unreachable by car. Above all though, e-bikes bring joy; none can resist the spreading smile - even if only on the inside - from that empowering boost. Go ahead and yell “wheeee!” We know you’ll want to!

Here at The Future Cycle, we believe e-bikes make the world a better place. We think that, with e-bikes replacing some cars, we’ll positively impact the planet. That’s why we bring a wide selection of e-bikes to you. Whether for leisure, commuting or utility, e-bikes are a sustainable lifestyle solution that should be accessible to everyone, for our future.